Different for Girls: A ground breaking, sexy LGBTQ drama web series

Sarah Soetaert as Gemma and Guinevere Turner as Jude in Different for Girls

Television has been found guilty of murder in the first degree. But it’s never been charged. The victims have one thing in common. They are all lesbians. Television is literally getting away with murder.

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Thankfully, Different for Girls web series is here to save the fate of fictional lesbians – you can rest assured that no lesbian was killed or harmed during it’s making. Not unless one of them dies from too much love, lust, and laughter of course. And with actors like Rachel Shelley (Helena Peabody – The L Word), Guinevere Turner (Go Fish, American Psycho) and  Jake Graf (Dawn, The Danish Girl) there’s no shortage of on-screen talent to swoon over.

Directed by Campbell X (who also wrote and directed Stud Life), Different for Girls is a web drama series featuring a group of lesbian and bisexual women and plenty of gut-wrenching drama.

“The web series originated as an idea around a group of women and men whose lives and loves were different. It was a project that put on hold, whilst I looked after my two pre-school age daughters”, says Jacquie Lawrence, the author of the novel.

“When my youngest started nursery, I took the original concept of these lesbian and bisexual women and gay men whose love lives were entangled and thought about how they would be living their lives ten years later.”

“During this ten-year hiatus, changes in family law, fertility treatment and gay marriage has given these women more complex narratives. Scenarios around children, marriage, betrayal and even divorce have replaced the usual coming out and first crush stories that make up much of LGBT drama. That is not to say that there isn’t room for drink, drugs, sex and dancing, there is, just not in front of their partners and children.”

It’s easy to be glib about this but in reality, the constant ‘disposal’ of lesbian characters has an acute impact on younger viewers who are struggling with their sexuality. There have been 12 lesbians killed off in 2016. That may seem like a small number but given that in 2015, there were only 35 lesbian characters on primetime television in the US and the UK you can understand the fallout.

The Trevor Project, which saves the lives of literally thousands of LGBTQ teens every year, said that the deaths of popular characters like Lexa in The 100 and Dr. Denise Cloyd in The Walking Dead put their work back years.

“We are desperate to see lesbian and bi characters that manage to live their dramatic and complicated lives, on screen, without fear of death by car, helicopter crash, house fire or stray bullet,” says producer Fizz Milton. “Different for Girls is here to save the fate of lesbians and bisexual women from what has become known as the Dead Lesbian Syndrome.”

“We have cast from the most talented lesbian, gay, bi and trans actresses and actors out there. There are many lesbians who have not been able to play on-screen lesbians. Usually, lesbians have been played by straight women and whilst there have been some brilliant performances, we want to redress this imbalance and we want to cast and crew a more diverse range of talented people from the LGBTQ and BAME communities.”

Watch the entire series on their website here.


  1. A lot of great straight characters die on TV as well. It’s not because they’re lesbians or bisexuals that they were killed off. People die. It’s a tragic fact of life. It has nothing to do with their sexuality.

  2. Celia I disagree. lesbians have been killed off notoriously and it is bc they’re lesbians. We haven’t been visible but if you look deeper you’ll find it’s true. Lesbians know this to be historically true. Straight people are killed off bc that’s all that’s shown. There’s no choice.


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