Short movie pick of the week – Half


“Half’ is Alex Bohs’ first film at Columbia and one of our favorites at KizzTV. “It came to fruition after a project came about instructing us to create an intriguing logline. From there interest was sparked from classmates and the instructor and I decided to make this little film about the daily missed connections we all face (especially in urban life). Getting the story from page to screen was truly the best decision I’ve made thus far in my short film career because to date it is the one film of mine that has traveled the farthest all over the world. I honestly couldn’t be more thankful for the experiences this split-screen gem has given me.”

Half – Short Film

Written, Directed and Edited by: Alex Bohs
Director of Photography: Mark Johnson
Animation by: Marissa Dorman & Chelsea Gyger
Original Music by: Davis Jones
Starring: Chloe Howcroft, Emily Deering, Melody Snyder


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