Research: “All women are lesbian or bisexual”


UK researchers have shown women nude photos of women and men and found that all women who defined themselves as heterosexuals experienced intense sexual arousal from images of both sexes. Lesbians, on the other hand, showed a clear preference for female nudity

Kelly & Ann

The study, conducted at the University of Essex in the UK, asked women about their sexual orientation and then tested their responses when video clips of female and male nudity were shown to them.

345 women participated in the study. They were asked by researchers whether they were attracted to women or men, and then asked them to watch videos of men and women naked as they watched their physical responses, such as pupil enlargement, blood pressure, and so on.

The researchers found that all women who defined themselves as heterosexual showed strong signs of sexual arousal both in response to images of naked women and in response to male nudes. “Although most women have presented themselves as striates, our research makes it clear that when it comes to what turns them on, women are bisexual or lesbian, but never straight,” said Dr. Grolf Reiger of the Department of Psychology at Essex University, Research.

On the other hand, women who declared themselves lesbians exhibited a clear preference – with very strong responses to female nudity and almost no response to the naked male pictures. “The lesbian response to the study is reminiscent of men who also tend to show a clear preference for nude images of the species to which they have declared to be attracted,” the authors write.

Another conclusion that emerges from the study is that there is not necessarily a correlation between male appearance and male response to nudity. Dr. Reiger said that among the lesbians who participated in his study were also those who were outwardly dressed and dressed in masculine features, but no correlation was found between this performance and the response to the videos. “Some lesbians exhibited a more masculine response than others to the videos, To determine that it was those who were also masculine, “he said


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