Gay and Lesbian teens BANNED from their formals


Gay teens BANNED from their formals just because they wanted to bring a partner of the same sex create their own LGBT school leaving party

A group of teenagers banned from their school formals because they wanted to bring a same-sex partner have spoken out about the years of bullying they endured because they were gay or bisexual.
The teenagers, who feature in a new documentary about their experiences growing up, all chose to attend Australia’s largest Same Sex Formal instead – an annual event run by a Melbourne youth organisation.

The documentary by Suzi Taylor, titled Love In Full Colour, was filmed over three years and focuses on 12 teenagers as they finish high school and come to terms with their sexuality.
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Love in full colour – Trailer

Nick Mackley, who went to an elite private school in Melbourne that he chose not to name, was physically and mentally bullied by students, while the actions of some teachers contributed to his anxiety and fear.
He said he was pulled out of class one day by a senior staff member and questioned about whether he was going to the school formal.
‘I just remember it because we didn’t go to his office, we didn’t really move. It was just the glass and everyone could see the conversation happening,’ Nick said.
‘He was asking me if I was going to the formal. And I said no, and he said, ‘Well that’s good because if you felt like bringing a male partner, or your boyfriend, they wouldn’t be welcome. You wouldn’t be welcome there with them’.
‘The reason that he gave was that it didn’t align with the school’s values and that it would make other people uncomfortable.

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