“You could say that a selfie saved my life”


A young British woman asked her family doctor to remove a large mole from the center of her belly, because it “destroys” her selfies in bikini. But soon after the visit, she discovered that the great mole had put her in life danger.

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About three months ago, Chloe Jordan, a 21-year-old British woman with melanoma, was diagnosed as the most dangerous type of skin cancer. The disease she discovered following her hobby, upload photos to her Instagram account often in a bikini.

A few months ago, Jordan turned to her family doctor to remove a large dot in her belly, with which she was born on the grounds that it was “destroying” her pictures and upsetting her. In the past year, the mole has grown and changed color, so Jordan has expressed a desire to undergo an aesthetic procedure.

Before the procedure, Jordan’s family doctor referred her to a biopsy, where she found out she had skin cancer. “I had no idea that it was cancer, I had this mole all my life, but I hated it every time I took a bikini selfie, which bothered me, so I went to look into the possibility of removing it, but when I was told it was melanoma, I didn’t feel anything. “I’m grateful for the pictures, because they saved my life,” she says

Jordan chose to tell her story to raise awareness of the signs of the disease, especially among young women like her. “I liked to sunbathe during vacations or go through tanning sessions once or twice a month, and this mole has been on my stomach since I was born,” explains Jordan.” Last summer it started to change shape and I did not take it too seriously, but over the past year it has become bigger and darker and I preferred to think that this is not a troubling sign.”

A few weeks ago, Jordan’s mole was removed in a complex analysis. “I have a pretty big scar in the middle of the abdomen, the doctors said it went so deep into my skin and I lived with the disease for a few years,” but her journey is not over and she will have to undergo further tests to examine further treatment of the disease. Cancer – and treat them.

“I will never lie down again under the sun, smeared with a bottle of suntan oil, or even spray myself with spray that will destroy my skin,” concludes Jordan, hoping to clean up and recover from the disease by the end of the year and return to normal life.



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