Brazilian Banker Fired After Sharing Gay Engagement Photos on Social Media


A banker in São Paulo, Brazil was fired from his job for being gay after he posted his engagement photos on his social media account.
Fired for an Engagement Photo

According to the Sindicato dos Bancários e Financiários de São Paulo, Osasco e Região, a labor organization for workers in the financial sector, the banker was an exemplary employee who consistently exceeded his company’s standards. In the year and a half he’d spent working Itaú Unibanco ITM as a manager, the banker won 10 awards for meeting goals.
But after he posted an engagement photo of himself sharing a kiss with his fiancé on a vacation, he lost his job.

“They scolded me that I ‘let loose’ when I won a prize, and said that this position is not appropriate,” the banker recalls. “They also said that my clothes were not ideal for work and that my suits were not up to standards.”
The banker has filed a complaint with the Sindicato against Itaú. Union leader Fábio Pereira says:
This is not the first time this has happened at Itaú and we recently reported layoffs of people with disabilities. It is necessary that the bank reviews its positions, and we demand that this kind of thing does not happen again.
Queerphobia in Brazil

LGBTQ people share many of the same legal rights as straight people. Same-sex marriage was legalized a few years ago. Same-sex couples can adopt. Trans people can change gender (but only after surgery). Gay people can serve in the military.
But despite all these legal protections, Brazil still has a serious problem with anti-LGBTQ discrimination. There’s an epidemic of violence — a study estimates that one LGBTQ person is murdered in the country every 25 hours. The problem came to the forefront last month when a horrifying video of a group of men beating a trans woman before dragging her off to kill her went viral.

And even if it’s forbidden to fire someone for being gay, it’s not easy to prove discrimination was the cause.

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