BioWare apologizes for trans character portrayal


BioWare has apologised for its representation of a transgender character in the recently released Mass Effect: Andromeda in a tweet posted on the company’s official Twitter channel.
The character in question, Hainly Abrams, is an NPC who reveals her backstory to the player after they meet for the first time

Boy Meets Girl

A number of players criticised Abrams’ revealing of her personal history as feeling forced and unnecessary, something which BioWare agreed with.
In its statement posted to Twitter, the company said:
‘In Mass Effect: Andromeda, one of our non-player characters, Hainly Abrams, was not included in a caring or thoughtful way. We apologise to anyone who interacted with or was hurt by this conversation. This was never our intent, and was an unfortunate byproduct of the iterative process of game design and a change in the structure of the character’s dialogue.’

BioWare intends to adjust Abrams’ dialogue choices with a soon-to-be-released update.


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