A couple of lesbians were expelled from McDonald’s because they kissed in public


Homophobia unfortunately still exists in our world today, yet, sometimes it reaches new heights and leaves us in shock. And this time: a couple of lesbians were expelled from a branch in MacDonald and only because they kissed in public.


Even in 2017, homophobia is unfortunately still a hot and burning phenomenon that exists around the world. This week in the MacDonald network there was a case of homophobia in the United States, a place that is very familiar with the LGBT community, about a lesbian couple who publicly kissed the MacDonald network.

Christine Frances (16), ate at the MacDonald’s branch in Manchester, UK, with her friend’s daughter and a relative. As she ate, she gave her friend a kiss on the cheek. While she was doing this, one of the local workers saw the act and asked the two to leave.

“I noticed this woman, one of the local workers, who was kissing my girlfriend, she simply stared at us, and then the woman approached me and told me that what I had done was ‘out of place’ and not polite, so she asked him to leave, Tells the Manchester News. “I turned around and asked her if she was homophobic, but she did not answer, I do not see anything bad or polite about the kiss between us in public.”

“It made us feel just awful, we went outside, we did not know what to do with ourselves, and we just started to cry, that’s all we felt we could do,” Christine shares.

Later, the girl called the manager of the branch, who said that the worker would face very serious consequences, but only with the case would he come back again. Christine and her friend, who were regular and familiar customers at the same branch, were not satisfied with this answer. They felt that it was not enough, and wanted to get an apology.

A McDonald’s spokesman told Manchester News in response to the incident: “We apologize and regret what was done to Christine Frances and her friend, and we will take this complaint very seriously and we will take it seriously … Police investigation is underway and we want to make it clear that discrimination and homophobia are unacceptable, At McDonald’s, we will not be patient and tolerant in this case. ”

As for Christine and her friend, the two say that in the past people used to ‘sting’ them and make comments about them, but that they were never expelled from a certain place for being lesbians. Let us hope that such an event will not happen in the future!


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