Newly-opened sandwich shop causes outrage with homophobic menu


The owners of a Vietnamese sandwich shop in Auckland have apologised after using homophobic language as part of their food menu.

The Bun Mee Kiwi shop opened earlier this month, but customers immediately criticised them for stating at the top of their menu board that you can have spicy jalapeno with your order “unless you’re a poof”.

“This is highly offensive,” Trevor Easton, general manager of OUTline NZ, told the NZ Herald. “For someone like myself who has been called a poof during childhood and adulthood, this is really not on.

“Maybe the sandwich shop owners thought it was funny, but it is not. It is very unfortunate that these kinds of attitudes still exist in New Zealand in 2017.”

The owners – who would only give their names as Mark and Saffron – said they were surprised by the negative reaction.

Jessie and Elizabeth

“The backlash has been quite shocking, actually,” Mark said. “We have many gay friends and it is not a homophobic slur where we come from in the Pacific Islands.

“If we have offended anyone, we apologise.”

They then took to Facebook to tell customers that they plan on changing the menu board.

“Woah, woah, woah people relax. If the word ‘poof’ is offensive, we will find a more appropriate word. We will remedy so relax, please help us come up with a more PC appropriate word but it can’t be ‘Sissy’. Thanks and expect our apologies,” they wrote.

After coming to a decision to change the board to “unless you can’t handle the jandal,” they added: “Change is made apologies again again if the word poof was offensive…

“The in-store menu board will be changed in the next few days also… remember life’s too short for sh*t food… so get in and try a Bun Mee today… no sh*t, it will change your life.”

Source: Gaytimes UK


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