My first time with a woman


Everything in a tough man is soft with a woman. Everything that conquers, with a woman surrenders. Kate who likes both men and women, gives KizzTV an answer to the eternal question: What do two women do together in bed?

Alex & Kathy – Movie Extract

The talk about it started earlier this year. We waited for the right time, when our two children were not around. We ate dinner together, exchanging glances in silence from time to time, fingers fluttering here and there as we passed the salt as we turned the table. And we went out to the balcony. We were silent for a few moments

I took her hand in mine. “Did you think about it again? Do not you regret it? ”

She gives me a quick smile. “Why? Did you regret it? ”

“It is not clear, I just wanted to make sure you were the one. ”

Who am I kidding? It was clear to me that this would happen once I had made the proposal. And it’s very nice to sit like that on the balcony and hold hands, finally hold hands, but we both want to move on.

“Are you sure?”


We got up and went to the bedroom. I feel her tension.

“Come on, sit on your stomach. I’ll give you a massage, “I said. I usually like to be passive, but here I enjoy to lead, and she enjoys being led. She picks up her undershirt and takes off her bra, her back to me. The lights are off but very quickly the eyes are accustomed to darkness. She lies on her stomach and her head is turned to me, and both of us can see the smile, the confusion, the excitement.

Her back is smooth and smooth, she’s looser under my hands. I run fingernails on the back of her neck, fingers in the soft curls, and lie down beside her. She rearranges the undershirt instead, and slowly we approach the embrace. I want to kiss her but she’s not ready yet, and we just caress a bit.

Too bad I did not think of writing it soon after it happened. I remember we talked all the time, we asked for permission before we went any further, and mostly – we laughed a lot. And now I do not remember what was so funny there. It must have been part of the confusion and excitement, but not only.

So different from being with a man, all that talk. And the pleasantness. And this softness.

A few more minutes and I feel that it still embarrasses me to undress, but I know that sometime I will undress, feel my skin thirst to feel it without clothes between us, and if it happens in a few minutes anyway, why not now? She takes off her shirt. Her hands are on me and I ask – and you get – permission to take off her undershirt.

How much beauty.

Hands followed by lips, hers on my body, mine on her body. Her sweet taste is in my mouth. Everything about me shivers. Touching it is a little like touching myself, but otherwise. A body that is not familiar at all, but I have known it for a long time. The rest of the clothes are thrown on the floor. We attach body to body, trying to touch every possible inch. Checking with each other what makes us good and how.

Everything in a stiff man here is soft. Everything that conquers, here surrenders. Everything that is rough, here is smooth. The pleasure is the same pleasure, yet otherwise. The irritation is almost impossible, but she stops my hand before the final stop. We’ll leave something for the next time, but wait, we will not go to sleep without relaxing.

No embarrassment. Passion, passion, pushed her aside. And we are still best friends, who can talk about everything, without hiding, certainly without spoofing. We never forged with men, so now we’ll start? Body near body. Each separately this time. There is time.

There’s all the time in the world, but never, never once in the past, have I been so successful. It takes me by surprise

After the breathing calms down, we lie down and go on talking. It’s so pleasant. That night I’m still sure that the “real thing” is somewhere else. Time would tell other things. And loudly.


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