She dated men trying to “become” straight


At the age of 14 Charlotte kissed a girl – and loved it. From that point on, she set herself the goal of sleeping with as many men as possible to escape her true sexual orientation. Did it work for her? You can guess the answer

This is how we do it

22-year-old Charlotte Malley tells Sun’s British magazine about her agony in an attempt to “become” straight; About her injuries, the diagnosis of depression, and about a hundred men she slept with to prove otherwise.

At the age of 14, during a game of truth or dare, Charlotte kissed a girl and described the experience: “It felt right, but I was afraid that my parents and friends would alienate me from the moment they discovered the truth. Charlotte’s mother noticed the cuts on her hands and immediately sent her for treatment. She also continued to accompany her during the sessions themselves, so Charlotte could not express the sexual tendencies she had repressed.

Charlotte says she lost her virginity to “just a guy from school” when she was 16. “It was not so bad,” she says, “I realized that if I went on sleeping with men I would get caught up in the habit.” From then on, she set herself the goal of sleeping with as many men as possible. As soon as the sex was over she quickly left. The thought of seeing the same guy once again discouraged her: “I slept with more than 80 men in three years.”

One evening when she was 19, she came to a lesbian bar. “They just hit on me, nothing developed from it, and yet I felt in the right place.” Even though she had found the right place, Charlotte would not admit the truth and went on visiting the beds of at least 20 other men.

Since Charlotte started out with women she knew in bars or on the Internet. Her parents and friends told her that her happiness was what mattered to them when she came out of the closet. It turns out that the unit that had a problem with her sexual orientation is Charlotte herself.


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