‘Liberty’s Secret’ Is A Hilarious, Political Lesbian Musical – Watch Now


The singing/dancing daughter of a fundamentalist preacher becomes a political superstar. But when she falls in love with a woman, she risks losing everything.

Watch the trailer, and order the movie from Vimeo on Demand

Liberty’s Secret from Andy Kirshner on Vimeo.

Liberty Smith is the perfect running mate. She’s American as apple pie, sings like an angel, and is the daughter of a prominent “family values” preacher — exactly what a floundering presidential campaign needs to energize its conservative base and rally the faithful. But when political novice Liberty falls for her (female) spin doctor, it’s a cable news catastrophe. Now Liberty must choose between the life she’s known, and the love she’s dreamed of. And all of America is watching!

“The highlight of the movie is definitely the musical numbers, which range from jazz to Latin ballroom to light classical. The witty songs had me laughing so hard I whistled – “Girls Like Boys” is a three-minute failed ode to gender norms that include claims like “Girls like picking roses, and boys like punching noses.” – Kitschmix

Liberty’s Secret is the brainchild of Andy Kirshner, a composer and University of Michigan professor, and tells (I mean, sings) the story of two women who unexpectedly fall in love and fight to get married. Liberty (Jaclene Wilk) is the politically minded daughter of a preacher who falls in love with her older and more experienced spin doctor Nikki (Cara AnnMarie). I have to tell you, the music is quite beautiful, and very classic musical theatre. (Don’t expect rock/pop style: Think less RENT/Spring Awakening and more Into the Woods/Kiss Me Kate.)


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