Ellen Meets Trailblazing Actor Asia Kate Dillon


“Billions” and “Orange Is the New Black” star Asia Kate Dillon sat down with Ellen to discuss paving the way as one of TV’s first non-binary gender identifying actors.

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The drama “Billions,” which last month returned to its second season, made history with the introduction of a non-binary gender character for the first time on commercial television. A non-binary gender define themselves as not identifying with the male or female gender, assuming that there are only two genders and that they are separate and contradictory. They object to their gender role only because they are born in a particular gender, and linguistically prefer to relate to themselves in plural and present themselves as “they” instead of “them” or ” She”.

The new character in the series, Taylor, is played by Asia-Kate Dillon, who in real life identify as rejecting the existing gender binary. In an interview with Alan DeGeneres, they had an honest conversation about the need for gender fluidity and the character in the new season of “billions.” “Sex and identity are two completely different things,” she said. “Female is sex, and sex is what we have between our legs, gender is what we have between our ears.”

The series depicts the power struggles between an investment expert named Bobby Ax and Axelrod (Damien Lewis) who relies on internal information and criminal activities to succeed, (Paul Giamatti), the attorney general who has no inhibitions and who is taking every possible strategy to bring him to trial. Dillon, who also appeared in “The New Black Orange” as a racist prisoner who believes in white supremacy, joined Taylor’s “billion” star team.

“We were looking for a character that Ax could see in himself,” Brian Coppelman, one of the series’s creators, told the Independent Weekly. “The world of hedge funds is dominated by men, and suddenly comes a brilliant and ambitious figure who does not recognize herself in the existing gender roles, and this creates a very interesting situation.” “It’s a different character than anything we’ve seen until now on television,” Dillon added. “It’s time to change the rules of the game.”



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