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After making a splash on the international film festival circuit, Australian film SUBMERGE has already drawn praise around the globe, having screened at 27 film festivals in 18 countries across four continents, with lead actress Lily Hall securing awards from both FilmOut San Diego and Downtown Film Festival L.A. for Best Actress in a Feature Film.

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 SUBMERGE delivers an unflinching exploration of the desire for instant gratification in a consumerist world full of choice. When Jordan finds herself falling for her tutor Angie (Christina Hallett [Burlesque]) – who just so happens to be the partner of her history lecturer, Cameron (Andrew Curry [Conspiracy 365, The Cup]) – she is unable to stop herself from pursuing a liaison. A narrative of experimentation and the search for the self, the story follows the dizzying highs and heart-wrenching lows as Jordan attempts to reconcile the chaos of youth with her ambition to succeed. As the attraction between her and Angie becomes ever more intense, failure is not an option, but how far is Jordan willing to go to get what she wants?

Jordan (Lily Hall), a 20 year old athletic university student has added another extracurricular activity to her over-scheduled life—seducing her tutor, Angie (Christina Hallett), while doing research work for Angie’s partner Cameron (Andrew Curry), who is also Jordan’s professor. Bi best friend Lucas (Kevin Dee) teases her that she’s an over-achiever, but not even Jordan can keep all these balls in the air indefinitely.
“[SUBMERGE is] a postmodern story, told through different lenses, reflections and refractions. Self-awareness and self-judgment is a key theme – the modern human condition – as is the exploration of what it takes to break through the surface and SUBMERGE into emotional depth.”
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