Prague – The LGBT Center of Europe


Whether you arrive by train, vehicle or airplane, as you draw near to this city you will see the skyline is topped by steeples, spires and turrets rather than being dominated by high rise buildings. You may think you’ve arrived in the Magic Kingdom but in fact you’re in Prague-the jewel in the crown in the heart of Europe. Saved from the destruction of bombs during Europe’s two world wars, Prague is a mixture of tradition and structure from many periods in history which seldom may be discovered all in a single city.

Shirine and Maxine

Wandering along the cobbled roads, absorbing the sights and relaxing in the tranquility is a remarkable change of pace for almost any vacationer. The capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague is comprised of five old towns nestled amongst undulating hills and sitting astride the river Vltava inhabiting about 500 square kilometres. Stunning panoramic views from the hilltops are complemented by the Vltava’s isles and river banks making the perfect setting for this city’s historical magnificence. The town ‘s origins of the five old towns still define its neighbourhoods now. Atop a hill on the west bank, is Hradcany, the ‘Fortress District’. Under, is Mala Strana the 13th century ‘Lesser Quarter’, and close by, Petrin Hill offers excellent panoramic views overlooking the city.

On the opposite bank of the river, joined by Prague’s many bridges, including the well-known Charles Bridge, is Star….


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