How James Dean Became The First Bad Boy Of Hollywood


James Dean paved the means for bad boys Hollywood history. Lads desired to be like him, and women wanted to date him. Critics consistently booed him, calling him a Brando replica, but now greater than the usual half a century after his passing, we could all really recognize his character as the first bad boy in Hollywood movie. Produced on February 8, 1931 in Marion, Indiana, Dean spent his life bouncing back and forth between this agricultural, rural state and the glowing lights of California.

When James was still a young lad, his father packed the family up in pursuit of a fresh career in dental hygiene, the family landed in Santa Monica, California. Life transformed at age eight for Dean when breast cancer claimed his mom’s life. A year after, he found himself back in Indiana, living with extended family. Fairmount High School put and garnered a love of play in Dean. He graduated and moved back to California where he lived with his recently remarried dad. Following a brief stint at Santa Monica College, Dean transferred to UCLA and thereby caused an rift and following parting between him and his dad. After some fruitless time in Hollywood, he ventured away to Nyc in hopes of earning his first big break, and he did. He started to study under Lee Strasberg, a well known play teacher. Work started to pick up with a couple of television and theatre characters, afterward Dean ultimately got his big break. Director Elia Kazan was hunting for the right performer to Cal in his forthcoming movie East of Eden. Dean’s career had finally started, and soon afterwards it finished with a life-termination automobile accident, Dean was only 24. In his brief life span, Dean made one significant achievement: he made himself understood. He only had three starring roles, but each one made an indelible effect on audience.

In East of Eden, Dean played Cal Trask, a disenfranchised youth always fighting for the consideration of his dad with his brother Aaron. Dean appeared to adopt this job and truly relate to Cal due to his own relationship with his father. In Rebel Without a Cause, arguably Dean’s most well-known movie, Dean played another rebellious youth. Dean’s performance created the picture of postwar 1950’s teen lad. Dean’s last job, of Jett Rink, in Giant, revealed some of the exact same characteristics of his other two parts. He played rags-to-riches Jett Rink who discovers his wealth hitting oil. Dean’s unforgettable performances make him an icon in Hollywood history along with a long-term part of the memories of people who see him in picture…


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