Homosexual Brothers Compete in New NYC Play, Red and Tan Line


Peter Mercurio’s work premieres March 6 in the Bank Street Theatre in the West Village. The play is “a witty look in the hilarious trials and tribulations of homosexual dating through the opinion of two homosexual brothers in New York City – one living on the East Side, the other on the West Side; one looking for Mr. Right, one looking for Mr.

My Friend From Faro

Today,” according to production notes. They compete to get to the right partner “In a sibling rivalry that takes them by way of a sequence of comical dates, fixups, and flings.” The play has its origins in a critically-praised one-action, Refreshments, seen in December 2001 in the Bank Street. Other Side Productions is a not-for-profit theatre company dedicated to developing and creating first plays…


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