Nebenan | next door – Short Movie


A group of young lesbians share a flat. Each of them has a secret to keep from the other flatmates next door. As rooms, beds and roles are swapped, the truth slowly surfaces. Which of the four flatmates is brave enough to say the truth and stand by their emotions?

Director: Luise Brinkmann


* Internationales Frauenfilmfestival Köln | Dortmund – Köln (Weltpremiere)
* Verzaubert QueerfilmWeekend – Frankfurt, München, Köln, Berlin
* QueerFilmFest – Rostock
* Queerfilm Festival – Bremen
* Filmfest Perlen – Hannover
* Queerfilmfestival – Esslingen
* Festival International du Film Lesbien & Feministe de Paris – Paris
* Queersicht – Bern
* Queerfilmfestival Mezipatra – Brünn
* Torino GLBT Film Festival – Turin
* Torino GLBT Film Festival Tour – Padova
* Identities Queer Film Festival – Wien


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